Proavcomm Inc.

Voice and Data Cabling

We can create voice and data cabling solutions that are thoroughly tested and ensure the stability of your business communication systems. We install category 5 and category 6 cabling to facilitate your communications for computers and phones. When you need to process information quickly or present a project without lag, a quality voice and data cabling system makes all the difference.

Video Conferencing

Many businesses have virtual meetings with customers, vendors, and remote team members. Clear connections and sharp visuals make conference calls seamless and effective. We can install premium video conferencing equipment to improve efficiency.


Many business teams are using outdated communication methods. Modern teleconferencing systems can solve these problems! We install streamlined communication methods so teams can get more work done. For clients in different regions, offshore teams, or employees who work from home, teleconferencing can ensure your team is all on the same page, regardless of location. In the situations where workers can’t meet in person, teleconferencing offers an excellent alternative. 

Intuitive Business Communications

Business communication solutions allow your team to keep the business running smoothly. Our goal with every project is to enable communication in a way that is convenient, effective, and well-integrated. Business teams communicate with each other, their vendors, and their customers every day. So, they need the best-in-business solutions to improve those interactions. Our trained technicians set up communication technology to integrate into a company workflow. We design communication solutions around every client’s needs and take pride in our commitment to exceptional technology experiences. Use stress-free communication systems to contact overseas clients, balance time-zone differences, and create projects online together. Get more work done together as a team, regardless of location.
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