Point of Sale Systems

POS and Teleconferencing Systems are the Backbone of many Businesses today… But They Need To Be Secure

Your customers’ confidence in your business can be shaken if there are any hints that your business communications systems may not be entirely secure or up-to-date. You could also be at risk of sensitive trade or internal business information getting into the wrong hands. Point of sale systems that record and process customer payments are often targeted by criminals seeking to steal credit card information and hackers can be interested in your company’s internal records and client data base. POS systems are not the only target — as much as you enjoy the benefits of voice or video teleconferencing, you need to be sure that your business communications aren’t going to be overheard by unlawful or unauthorized parties.

What Types of Businesses Are Susceptible to Breaches in POS Data Security?

A POS system is a valuable addition to any business that processes customer payments when the sale is made, but it’s also a potentially vulnerable area that demands the utmost in security and reliability in order to protect customers and maintain their confidence.

These are some of the many types of businesses which rely on point-of-sales systems that need to be fully up-to-date and as secure as possible:

  • Restaurants and quick-service food businesses
  • Hotels
  • Salons and spas
  • Health care facilities
  • Retail businesses, supermarkets and specialty food stores
  • Consumer services providers
  • Theaters, casinos and entertainment businesses
  • Automotive repair and vehicle rental services

How Can a Business Protect Itself Against Information Theft?

By relying on a trusted full-systems integration company, you can be sure that each component in your business communications set-up remains up-to-date and employs the most secure data-protection methods. Pro AV Comm provides custom-designed and individualized systems that will reliably meet the unique needs of each business served. Full-integration means that the best possible hardware, software and cabling components are expertly matched in order to provide optimal performance and security

Why Wait? Our On-Site System Consultation Is Free of Charge

Your customers deserve the best possible reliability and security when they conduct business. This is critical whether that is through POS systems, teleconferencing systems or the structured cable they all run on. Don’t hesitate to provide them with the peace-of-mind that comes with the assurance that your business systems are fully up-to-date and well protected. Call today to schedule a free and no-obligation on-site consultation with one of Pro AV Comm’s system experts. We look forward to meeting with you!