Voice & Data Structured Cabling

The Critical Role Played by Structured Cabling

Most users of business communications systems understand the need for encryption and other software protection strategies in their POS and teleconferencing set-ups. The system’s infrastructure — of which the structured cabling is a vital component — also counts for a great deal of the reliability and security.

Structured cabling refers to the network of copper and fiber-based wiring inside the walls, above the ceiling or under the floor that connects all the components of a business’s voice, video and data devices. It also supplies power to many or all those devices through PoE (power over ethernet). Any problem, weakness or inadequacy in the structured cabling at a business location can compromise both system reliability and security. The voice and data cabling in a business communications system is a critical factor and its components need to be chosen, installed and integrated carefully.

In addition to custom designing fully-integrated business communications systems, Pro AV Comm uses only the highest quality hardware and structured cabling components. The data cable choice plays its own vital role in the degree of trust a company can place in its on-site business communications system.

Several categories of copper and fiber cables can be employed in a system’s design and installation:

  • Cat-5e twisted pair cables for high signal integrity
  • Cat-6 for Ethernet connections requiring high crosstalk and system noise standards
  • Cat-6a (also called Cat-6 Augmented or 10-gig) — one of the highest USA-based standards for copper twisted pair cabling
  • Single-mode fiber for long-distance high-bandwidth connections and single-use applications such as video
  • Multi-mode fiber for on-site applications spanning shorter distances between links

In addition to cabling categories there is a variety of data racks and cabinets, above-ceiling cable trays and patch panels that can be incorporated into an onsite communications system installation.

Peace of Mind Managing Your Cabling System

Keep your business running smoothly and efficiently with well-planned networking and cabling systems that you can understand.  Understanding your cabling system gives you peace of mind and Solid up time and reliability. With a well-organized documented cabling system you will never have to worry about reliability and extended outages from being down and not being able to quickly troubleshoot your system.

Can you imagine the alternative?

It’s easy to see how choosing an experienced and knowledgeable systems design and installation company can help guarantee that your communications set-up is a worry-free and cost-effective investment. Reliability and security are top priorities. Pro AV Comm works closely with clients and our technical experts base their system recommendations and designs on a thorough on-site inspection and business-needs evaluation.