CCTV Surveillance Systems

Property theft and workplace crime cost US companies $450 billion every year. We design our security systems that can help stop theft and ensure workplace safety. Get peace of mind with a quality security system from ProAVcomm. Keep in mind we don’t provide security monitoring, only the installation, equipment, and service.

Business security is essential for liability purposes. We use discretion in the camera choice. This is important to avoid creating an eyesore but also maintaining security. Security cameras deter criminal activity and record any activity that could harm a business. Create a safe and secure environment in the workplace with a series of advanced security cameras. Our trained professionals will custom design camera coverage for your specific business.
Access control management provides confidence. We know business owners can’t always be at the office, but knowing what’s going on is a vital part of maintaining security. Work with confidence that your business is safe even when you’re away from the office.
Advanced commercial security is important for every industry. Surveillance systems in the workplace keep customers safe and maximize profitability. Business owners value keeping their business customers, team, data, and equipment safe. Safety is how we build trust.
Commercial security systems can go a long way towards securing a company’s future. Better yet, certain security systems can even decrease your insurance expenses. A quality security system is essential for any business. We understand that every organization is different and has unique security priorities. That’s why we offer comprehensive, customized solutions to each customer.
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