CCTV Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems in the workplace maximize security, productivity, profitability and integrity

Why Your Business Can’t Afford To Be Without Video Surveillance

Combined losses from theft, vandalism and employee pilferage cost companies a total amount that’s been estimated at $400 billion per year. Small businesses have averaged losses of $50k per year and shoplifting alone accounts for almost 40 percent of retail inventory shrinkage. These figures are too painful to ignore and most businesses can’t afford to — the risk is much too high.

Prevention is key to eliminating or minimizing the loss factors of theft and vandalism. The most effective approach is one that’s proactive rather than reactive, and a CCTV surveillance system can be one of the smartest investments a business can make to protect its bottom line. Retail companies are not alone in gaining a significant advantage; any organization or business with employees or direct customer contact will benefit. An effective security camera installation strategy can address and resolve concerns over the potentially calamitous effects of legal actions and workplace violence. In addition to protecting a business’s bottom line and inventory, the right video surveillance system can also protect employees and customers.

How a Video Surveillance System Can Protect Your Business or Organization

There is a wide range of negative factors that can impact a business or organization up to the point of jeopardizing its continued existence; many of these factors can, however, be either controlled or eliminated through a well-planned and expertly-installed video surveillance system. The first step in implementing a system that’s best-suited to your location is to have a thorough and comprehensive risk management and security audit performed. Pro AV Comm provides a free and no-obligation on-site consultation and security inspection that will pinpoint those areas that will be best served by one of our state-of-the-art video security systems.

These are some of the many protective advantages and benefits that can be obtained through a Pro AV Comm video surveillance system:

  • Crime prevention
  • Deterring shoplifting
  • Discouraging employee pilferage and theft
  • Fire and accident prevention
  • Increasing customers’ sense of safety and security
  • Solving crimes by providing camera-based evidence
  • Preventing co-worker and customer altercations
  • Discouraging unfounded legal actions

Taking into consideration the major losses and damages that can be averted, the relatively minor security camera installation cost can represent a huge positive return-on-investment factor.

More Than Just Theft Prevention

When would-be thieves and other criminals notice there’s a video surveillance system in place at your location, they’ll reconsider their plans. A Pro AV Comm system will, however, do much more than prevent theft, break-ins and vandalism. Employee productivity and work efficiency can be increased when offices and other work areas are monitored. In addition to helping to protect employees from workplace violence, the workgroup’s overall behavior and self-discipline can improve.

Civil suits filed against your business by employees or customers can be won through a review of the footage collected by a video surveillance. In many cases, the awareness of a video surveillance system will protect your employees from false accusations made by coworkers or customers by discouraging unfounded claims that can be easily disproved.

Take the First Step in Protecting Your Business from Crime and Lawsuits

You may be surprised to learn of the security loopholes and weak spots at your business location, but Pro AV Comm’s no-fee consultation can be an important first step in protecting your business, your staff and your customers. Our team of technicians and security experts will present you with a plan that will provide your location with the greatest possible degree of protection. Call today to talk to a member of our team to learn more how we can make your business safer or schedule a free on-site consultation for the soonest possible date. Don’t leave your business, your employees or customers unprotected — our security experts are standing by.