Proavcomm Inc.

Home Theater and Sound

ProAVcomm experts will design and install a high quality audio and video home theater system for your private residence, a new custom home you’re building, or a luxury apartment complex. Your custom designed multi-room Audio/Video system will offer you the flexibility to choose Audio/Video choices with simple to use control system, from various locations giving you the flexibility of your AV choices. ProAVcomm media distribution systems send audio and video content to any room in your home or office and allowing control of your music playlists and video sources simply by means of a touch panel, keypad, handheld remote, iPad or smart phone! Home Theaters are an exciting addition to any home. It is the perfect place to host parties, have family movie nights, or spend a night together with a loved one. Whether your home theater is being added to a great room or a dedicated theater or screening room, we will design and install the system to work flawlessly. Experience movies the way they were meant to be seen using, a custom theater screen, projector display, and surround sound audio. You can watch on your flat screen TV or projector and screen, and control it all with one simple remote, iPad or smart phone.

Home Automation

Looking to bring your home into the modern age? Our home automation services provide an integrated control system for sound systems, cameras, video displays, and all of the technology throughout your home. Smart home features are becoming incredibly popular these days, but they are not always the easiest to set up or install. ProAVcomm will design and install a custom system for your TVs, sound systems, cameras and more all from one device! Our team will program button keypads, tablets, iPads, and smartphones so you can control your systems from any location making your home life easier by having a custom home automation system.

Home Surveillance

Secure your family and property with ProAVcomm all-inclusive CCTV camera systems. We install CCTV cameras for major businesses and retailers, so you can trust our professional team of technicians. We will design a camera system that covers all the areas you need from the front entrance, the garage, backyard pool and entire property. You’ll be able to control and monitor your cameras from a tablet or smartphone. Get the peace of mind you need while traveling abroad or while you’re away at work with a home CCTV system designed, installed, and maintained by Professional Audio Video Communications Inc.

Outdoor Solutions

Californians love entertaining outdoors. From family movie night, Superbowl Sunday to the Fourth of July, celebrating together with friends is what the holidays are all about. Add an outdoor entertainment system to your backyard and transform it into the ultimate entertainment environment with a custom-designed outdoor speaker system, HD TVs and complete entertainment center. Host your next unforgettable event from the comfort of your lounge chair and take outdoor entertaining to a whole new level for social interaction among friends and family.

Outdoor TV

ProAVcomm will install premium HD TVs or projectors and screens on your patio and backyard so your family and guests can experience the ultimate in entertainment. Outdoor TVs and projector systems are designed to resist rain, humidity, salt corrosion and dust, our systems are robust and will give you everything you want in outdoor HDTV entertainment. Get the best outdoor entertainment centers for your backyard that will improve your home’s value and make you everyone’s favorite host.

Outdoor Speaker Installation

No party is complete without music! Your speakers should be heard and out of view from of your guest. Your guests will never miss a beat at your next outdoor entertainment event with a speaker system designed to hide underneath foliage or mounted in hidden areas throughout the outdoor area. Whether you’re grilling, swimming, or just taking it easy in the hammock, you’ll be surrounded by the music you love for any occasion. With our wide range of durable, weather-resistant products, we can guarantee your music will be playing for years to come!
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